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How's your connection with your breasts?

Are they alive and full of love for yourself and others?

Join my free Masterclass Boobylicious!

Saturdaymorning 7th of January - 11.00-12.00 (in English)
Sundaymorning 8th of January - 11.00-12.00 (in Dutch)

Breasts are most of the time there for others like lovers or childeren. But little have we learned about the beautiful nourishment it can bring to ourself! Litteraly breasts are in front of the heart - aka the love bumper - and are connected to giving to others, but also receiving selflove.


In many women there is a disbalance in giving & receiving, and connecting to your breasts can restore this balance.

In this 1 hour session I'm sharing a soft and powerful practice with you. When I did this practice, I felt so much love, that I was ready to give my house away to anyone that walked in! Pretty crazy (and luckily nobody walk in) but just to let you know how powerful this practice can be. Besides touch, I'll teach you about the energetics. On how you can clear your breasts from stuck energy and how to feed them.

This is for you when:

- you want to cultivate more selflove in a practical embodied way

- you want to connect to your breasts more

- you want your breasts to feel more alive

- you want to cultivate more softness

- you are just super curious about your female bodies abilities

All breasts are welcome!



Is this naked? Are my boobs going to be on the internet?

No. However, there is a invitation to touch yourself on your skin in your own safe space. The camera though will not be focussed on your breasts - but on your face - and there will not be a recording. I'll wear clothes.

What if my breasts are removed?

Even when your breasts are removed, the energetics are still there. So even when physically they are not there, you can connect to your energyfield and benefit.

I don't identify as a woman. Can I join?

Most likely not. Anatomy and energetics are different in genders. This breasts massage is a safe container to explore your own body. Especially the male gaze can influence the experience. If you have breasts and you don't identify as a man, just send me a message!

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