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From 21 to 24 September I will be hosting a 1 on 1 retreat in the beautiful valley of Valchiusella. A long weekend in the mountains of northern Italy, Piedmont, which is all about you and your femininity. Let yourself be nourished by nature, your body and your senses! An perfect moment to recharge yourself and to come home to yourself even more.

By connecting to nature, silence and your body you can find the answers in yourself that you are looking for. Shedding layer for layer, deep diving into your soul. We will work with the blockages that present themselves. Personal development and spirituality is not new for you, and you are ready to dive deeper into yourself. You have a wish to let go of a pattern that's not longer serving you.

Expect 4 days focused on connection with your female body and nature. Think of womb yoga, energy work, intuïtive dance, sensual massage, womb rituals and ceremonies. The program will be tailor made for you and your proces and therefore we will schedule a online session before your journey.

A few weeks after the retreat we have another session, to make sure you can futher integrate your experience in your day-to-day life. To embody your experiences during the retreat, there will be a part of each day without any program.

On Saturday, September 23rd, will be the autumn equinox: the moment when light and dark are exactly in balance, after which we move into the dark days of winter. A powerful portal that we will use during the retreat.

September 21-24 Valchusella, Italy. The program starts Thursday evening and ends Sunday around noon.
You'll stay in your own wooden house in the forest. The location is connected to a vegan restaurant, which will provide part of the meals. There is also a Finnish sauna on site!
The river that runs through the valley is within walking distance; a wonderful quite place to integrate your experiences.​

Check-in is on Thursday from 4 pm. We will start in the evening. Check out on Sunday before 10am, after which the retreat ends at 12pm. It is possible – if there is sufficient availability – to book additional nights at the location.

Do the times or days just not fit? Let me know and we might move the schedule around!

The costs for 1:1 Feminine Retreat are 1100 euros (incl. VAT). This includes accommodation, meals, transport in the valley and our sessions before and after the retreat. Travel costs to and from the location are exclusive.

Pick up from Ivrea can be arranged, an hour train ride from Turin.

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