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Journey in 3 months into a much more juicy life!

I should look, be and act in a certain way

I'm not in love with my vulva/breasts/hips/hair/...

I'm stuck in the GO-GO-GO-mode

I think me or other women are to much/ to sexy/ to pretty/ to outspoken/ to sweet/...

I'm not able to orgasm (again)

I need controle

I'm living the 'right' story, but it doesn't feel exciting

I feel disconnected from my sensuality and juiciness

I have a hard time to relax, surrender & enjoy

The self-critical voice in my head takes up way to much space

Do you recognise any?

I don't feel connected to all parts of my body

I'm not sure about me/areas in my life

I don't share what I would really like

I'm not sure what turns me on physically/generally in life

I'm holding back from showing my sensuality/softness, inside and outside of the bedroom

I'm acting small.

I know there is more to life for me, but I'm not able to enter it.

I'm focussed on others needs first

I've complaints related to my menstrual cycle/sexuality

...fall in love with your unique body
live in flow with your cyclical nature filled with self-confidence free in expressing your feminine

...optimize your enjoyment in life

…connect deeper with your sensuality and juiciness

...find a balance between rest and action
…clear blockages and
letting the river of life fully flow through you
…connect to your
pelvic power in a deeper way
…upgrade your sexlife
…connection deeper with your sexuality and sexual energy
…connect deeper with your intuition

radiate from within a juicy life!

Empower your femininity &


The Oh My Juice Journey

Friday 3rd of February 2023

On this 3-month-long tailor made journey you'll reconnect to your juice. We'll have 6 1:1 sessions to focus on your personal process and really connect to your personal desires.


Expect practical body based techniques from my educations in taotantric arts for women, psychosomatic physiotherapy, yonishakti yoga and psychomotricity. It will give you the depth to integrate the teachings into your life and will help you break blockages. Also, this tailor made guidance will be very benifical if you have specific complaints.

In the weekly check-in, practices, meditations and teachings, I’ll share practices and knowledge about: heart-womb connection, pussy power, softness, energy practices, cyclical awareness, sensuality... just to name a few.

Your 3-month-long journey will take place in a safe space with a small group of women, where we connect with during 3 live women circles. So you can bennefit from the powerful and nourishing energy of women coming together!

In our online temple you’ll be able to share your process with your juice sisters. Also, to connect deeper with your cycle, you’ll be able to track your energy levels and juices on a day-to-day basis.

All will be available in an easy to use app. The women circles will be available for replay during our journey so you’ll not miss a thing.  

Sometimes our body calls us for a journey inwards in the form of complaints or we feel a pull, a YES..


Jetske Tuinstra

Many, many, many times I wanted to scream :

This is not just for me, but for everyone to experience and know!

​​So many beautiful things shifted as I dived deeper into my own femininity. I can say I live a juicy life now.

In 'Oh My Juice!' I share my embodied knowledge with you. To guide you back to your nature, your beautiful body and being. Teach you how to flow with her and how you can find and live your juice!

Oh My Juice!
Personal 3-month long journey



  • online 1hr Connection Call

  • 6x online 1:1 sessions (45 min)
    also available in Dutch

  • weekly video & audio with new practices, meditations and teachings

  • weekly personal check-in with me by mail

  • 3 live women circles (replay available)

  • connecting to sisters on the same journey

  • message reply from me in 48hrs (on working & non-bleeding days)         
    to join without live sessions

  • easy to use app

1100 euro*

*prices are inclusive 21% VAT

Only 8 spots available!

Start 3/2/2023

Yes! I'm ready for more juice in my life!

Poem after working together with Jetske

My energy has been feeling
Way to soft for this world
Way too easy to transform
By societies orders, others
And so I started defending
But in doing so I lost myself
Abandoned my pure essence
Not being present in my body
But I have found my way back
Towards the body I once left
Birthing myself into all I am
Protecting my feminine energy

Are you not looking for in depth personal guidance?

But you want access to the juice?

Oh My Juice! Light


Your 3-months-long journey contains

  • weekly video & audio with new practices, meditations and teachings

  • weekly personal check-in with me by mail

  • 3 months acces to online temple

  • connect to sisters on the same journey

  • easy to use app

333 euro*

*prices are inclusive 21% VAT

Available from 3/2/2023

Are you:

- a woman?

- that fully wants to connect to her body?

- that want to connect deeper to her sensuality?

- and her pelvic power?

- do you want to live in flow with your cyclical nature?

- and radiate from within?

- do you want to live a juicy life?

Take the first step and connect to me!

You want to find some juice at your own?

Maybe this is something for you ;)

Scedule a Connection Call

To focus on your desire, make sure I can help and make sure we match

Thanks! You will hear from me soon to scedule a date!

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