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With Inner Earth I take ambitious women on a journey into their bodies to reconnect with their deep feminine wisdom: to experience more ease, pleasure and flow in business and life!

I've experienced the enormous shifts that women made as they reconnected with their bodies, softness, intuition and enjoyment again; not only healing from physical complaints but living a nurturing empowered life where the inner and outer worlds match.  ​

After a journey of in-depth trainings in the holisitc field of female empowerment, it clicked: my focus shifted from pain reduction to feminine empowerment.​

The feminine principle is the foundation of my work: the power of softness, intuition, enjoyment and flow.

​Most women leak an enormous amount of energy by pushing, analysing and following old guidelines from A to B to success. Obviously with a price on overall health and their creations.

Being fully nourished by the whole spectrum, balancing the go-get-it masculine way with the feminine, you can flourish in life and business.  

​I hand you the practical tools to embody a life in line with your desire with yourself as your highest authority.

Even so my work is deeply transformational, I like to focus with you on removing obstacles with of the biggest feminine powers: pleasure & fun!

Are you ready for a journey to reconnect with your deep feminine wisdom of ease, softness, pleasure and flow?

​It’s my absolute pleasure to share my work with you!

With love,


From 'how to fix this complaint?' as an expert in the medical field for 

unexplainable diseases, I shifted my question to 'how to guide this woman to fully flourish?'. 

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