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In co-creation with Life & Love, I'm sharing the skills I've collected in my lifetime journey and beyond. With my mission to let you experience and align with your pure true essence, so you embody Heaven on Earth!


You can take this literally, as I see our beautiful body as a sacred navigation tool, a portal to bliss.

Opening up to your Inner Earth, your body, and aligning all layers of your being, will bring you to your full potential. 

The power of experience, sensuality and embodiment, is the power of change. As many times we know the direction to take, but to literally breath and live it, will only ultimately let us experience the radiant beauty that we are and came here to experience and express. 

My area of interest and expertise has been connecting myself and others to the feminine pole inside themselves. First, in the form of a psychosomatic physiotherapist and psychomotricity therapist, with expertise in chronic and unexplainable diseases. Later as hatha yoga and yoni shakti teacher and ecstatic dance facilitator. While sinking into my body and being deeper, I've been diving into the world of Tao & tantra and conscious & sacred sexuality. 

With Inner Earth I transmit my embodied wisdom from my journey. As a writer, speaker, facilitator and guide, I share my work in different forms. See my current offerings here:

It's my pleasure and honour to guide you into your Inner Earth to embody the Heaven on Earth that you are. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments. And feel free to subscribe to my newsletter down below to stay up-to-date.


I look forward to connect!​

With love,


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